Annual Fund

The Junior League of Greenville’s Annual Fund allows members and non-members to support the JLG with charitable contributions throughout the year. These tax-deductible contributions financially support the JLG and assist our endeavors to promote voluntarism, develop the potential of women and improve the community.

The JLG Annual Fund was established in 2012 to supplement the ongoing annual fundraising efforts of the JLG. It provides income for specific projects, operational expenses and community grants. It also encourages our members to become lifelong donors to the JLG and other non-profit organizations.

This year donors may elect to have part of or their entire Annual Fund donation designated to go toward our newly established JLG Endowment Fund. Please look over our multiple Annual Giving Levels to find an appropriate giving amount. We always welcome new members to our 1929 Club, the JLG's highest level of giving. Donations toward the 1929 Club may be spread out over three (3) years. 

How does the JLG use the donations generated through the Annual Fund?

Community Impact
Operational Expenses
New Projects and Programs
Needs of the Greenville community
Cultivate Future Women Leaders
Train Volunteers

The goal of the JLG Annual Fund is to CONNECT with the Membership and the Community in order to establish relationships and awareness of the JLG Mission.

Click here to donate to the Annual Fund.

For more information about the JLG Annual Fund and Endowment Fund, contact our Annual Fund and Endowment Fund Campaign Coordinator Kathryn Freedman.