Transfer Membership

Transferring Into the Junior League of Greenville

If you are moving to the Greenville area and are interested in transferring your League membership to the Junior League of Greenville, we would love you to join us!  

5 Easy Steps to Transfer into the JLG

  • Notify your CURRENT Junior League of your desire to transfer. The procedure varies by League so check your current League's website, your membership directory, or contact the Corresponding Secretary for guidance.
  • Your current League will then notify the Junior League of Greenville of your intent to transfer.
  • Once we are notified of your intent, we will mail you a welcome letter and a Transferring Member packet.
  • Just submit the completed forms and your transfer fee according to the instructions in the packet.
  • Once we receive your forms and transfer fee, you will be added to the JLG roster and the Transfer Chair will contact you. Please keep in mind that this process can take up to three weeks, depending upon when your forms are received.

If you are due a refund from your previous League, please work with them to arrange for the refund. Each League is independent and there is no way to transfer funds between Leagues.

If you have any further questions, please contact our Corresponding Secretary.

Transferring Out of the Junior League of Greenville

First of all, we hate to see you go, but wish you the best of luck! Thank you so much for being part of the Junior League of Greenville and all you have done to serve our community. Before you can transfer out, you must be in good-standing with The Junior League of Greenville which means your dues must have been paid for the current year and all of your obligations have been met.

Please be aware that if you submit your transfer request after March 1st, you must pay your JLG dues for the next League year. Once your transfer has been completed, you may be eligible for a full or partial refund.

3 Steps to Transfer Out

  • Before submitting a transfer request, you must establish your new address to ensure your new League can contact you. You will need to provide a phone number and/or email address that you will have access to at your new address.
  • Please visit the Association of Junior Leagues, International (AJLI) web page to determine the most appropriate League in your new area. You can use the "Locate a League" function on the AJLI web page. You may also click on the "Members Area" for much more extensive information on each League in the "Junior League Contact Directory" (you are required to log in to use the members-only functions).
  • To initiate the transfer process, please contact the Corresponding Secretary providing your name, your AJLI number (if available), your new address, your phone number, and the name of the League you wish to transfer into.
  • Once we've received your transfer request we'll notify your new League and you'll hear from them soon!

If you've resigned from The Junior League of Greenville and would like to transfer to another League, you must first reinstate your membership with The Junior League of Greenville. To start the reinstatement process, please submit a request for reinstatement via email to the Corresponding Secretary. Simply let us know that you'd like to reinstate your membership and provide us with your current contact information, the approximate date you left the JLG, and your AJLI member number (if available).

Respond Quickly When Contacted By Your New League

You'll hear from your new League shortly after we've notified them of your intent to transfer. PLEASE RESPOND QUICKLY to all communications from your new League! If you fail to respond quickly you may miss important deadlines for Placements and any training opportunities.

IT IS VITALLY IMPORTANT THAT BOTH YOUR NEW LEAGUE AND THE JUNIOR LEAGUE OF GREENVILLE HAVE YOUR MOST UP-TO-DATE CONTACT INFORMATION! If your address, telephone numbers, or email address changes, notify your new League and the Junior League of Greenville as soon as possible.

Please note that once The Junior League of Greenville enters your transfer request into the AJLI system, you will officially be a member of your new League. You must respond to all communications from your new League, submit any required forms, and pay any required fees (dues, transfer fee, etc.) to complete your transfer. If you don't complete all the required steps your membership could be dropped; please avoid this by completing all transfer requirements on a timely basis.

Once Your Transfer is Complete

After The Junior League of Greenville has completed your transfer, we'll automatically issue any required dues refund. We'll send a letter to your new address when your transfer is complete, and we'll indicate if a refund is due along with the amount you can expect. Because each League is independent, we cannot transfer funds between Leagues.