JLG Marks Five Years of the Little Black Dress Initiative

When you hear the phrase “little black dress,” what comes to mind? Maybe
Audrey Hepburn in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” or Princess Diana’s iconic “Revenge
Dress” is the first thing you think of. For our Members, the phrase “little black
dress” means so much more than just a clothing option.
The fifth annual Little Black Dress Initiative (LBDI) was held via social media
November 7th through 11th and raised a staggering $25,918 to help the
League engage in initiatives that help women in our community overcome
barriers. The 38 participating Members pledged to wear the same outfit over
five days and post on social media to help raise money and awareness.
This iconic event, founded by the Junior League of London, brings awareness
to the restrictions that poverty places on an individual’s opportunities, choices,
and resources. While many of us have a closet full of outfits to choose from each
day, some women are limited to just a few options and must take great care
to make those options last. By donning the same dress each day, our Members
are able to start conversations about the reality of poverty in Greenville.
LBDI Business Manager Claire Stam added: “We sincerely appreciate
everyone who contributed to the success of this year’s LBDI campaign. Our
38 participants went above and beyond in their fundraising efforts, and our
generous donors helped us raise a substantial sum of money which will support
our Mission to help women in our community overcome barriers.”
LDBI 2022 By The Numbers
Funds raised: $25,918
Participating Members: 25 Actives , 4 Active Tenure, 6 Provisionals,
and 3 Sustainers
Individual donors: 414
Top 5 Fundraisers: Lindsay Hall, Charlotte Hoffman and Taylor
Johnston, Kimberly Witherspoon, Nancy Rice, and Maggi Whiston