Empowered Women of Greenville

The Junior League of Greenville believes that Empowered Women empower women.

We believe Empowered Women have the ability to make positive change – improving their lives, their family, and creating a ripple effect that will impact the larger community.

Empowered Women of Greenville (EWG) is the new signature event of the Junior League of Greenville, which will align our Mission to develop the potential of women with our new community impact focus areas. The Junior League of Greenville’s (JLG) community impact strategy engages in initiatives that help women in our community overcome barriers, specifically related to human trafficking and economic mobility.

EWG will empower women to reach their full potential by providing them with education and resources to build stability, gain independence, and connect with a community of like-minded women to overcome the challenges and obstacles they have experienced.

Empowered Women of Greenville will take place on March 7, 2021 and will kick off the JLG’s celebration of International Women’s Day.

The full-day event will include presentations and interactive workshops. There will also be a resource fair for attendees to meet with organizations that can provide additional support and assistance as they continue to work toward their goals.

The day’s sessions will include Presentations, Panel Discussions & Workshops on:

Financial Literacy and Psychology of Money

Establishing Healthy Relationships & Setting Boundaries

Overcoming Guilt & Shame

Setting & Achieving Your Goals

Career & Job Search

Health, Wellness & Self-Care

Building Community & Friendships


Affordable Housing

Expungement & Navigating the Criminal Justice System

Financial Management Resources

Beauty, Fashion & Self-Care

Healthcare – medical, dental, vision

Empowered Women of Greenville: Purpose

With a change in the JLG’s community impact strategy to target initiatives that help women in our community overcome barriers, focusing on human trafficking and economic mobility, we intend to:

Plan an event that provides tangible resources and empowering programs;

Have a direct and lasting impact for the women in Greenville;

Create an audience that leaves the event motivated and inspired to achieve positive change; and

Build a community of empowered women.

If you have any questions about this new event, please contact Nicole Mcaden or  Samantha McNeill .