Holiday Bag Project

Each December, JLG Sustainers lead a special project to bring holiday cheer and encouragement to cancer patients in the Greenville Community. Sustainers gather at the beginning of December to assemble and deliver the bags to patients in the area. The bags contain fun holiday items like jingle bells, reindeer ears, scarves, candy-filled tumblers and word searches, along with personal care items. Thanks to the donations and time of Sustainers and other League members, JLG has raised over $135,000 and provides approximately 350 gift bags each year!


Thank you to our 2021 donors:

Sonya Ables
Kristine Amin
Susan Andrews
Elaine Apperson
Sandra Banks
Salley Batson
Ginnie Beard
Heath Beard
Casey Bell
Susan Bergman
Lenna Blaser
Becky Bouton
Dottie Britton
Lynn Brown
Shun Brown -Reynolds
Emily Buckingham
Cara Carne
Kimberly Cooley
Stephanie Craine
Susan Crout
Monica Culbreath
Kathi Daniel
Erica Dean
Amber Dengler
Amy Doyle
Frances Durham
Jillian Edwards
Sara Lawton Elmore
Ingrid Erwin
Lee Farrar
Rebecca Feldman
 Find Great People
Adrienne Frain
Kathryn Freedman
Lauren Frost
April Fuller
Kim Geddie
Clay Gilbert
Susan Glenn
Terry Gordon
Marilyn  Gower
Sue   Grady
Laird Green
Lindsay Hall
Mary Lynne Hardaway
Sallie T. Harden
Shelley Hart
Sue Ellen Harvell
Mary Jean Heap
Kristie Hildreth
Sarah Lynne Howie
Amy Hunter
Ann and Joe Jennings
Nancy Jennings
Patricia H. Jervey
Georgia Johnson
Kelly Johnson
Leslie Johnson
Jean Jones
Lauren Jones
Lesa Kastler
Nancy Kennedy
Carol Laffitte
Betsy Littlejohn
Leslie Luke
Beth Mahon
Charlene R. Marx
Melissa Mascaro
Elaine Maxwell
Laurin McDonald
Susan McKibbon
Christine McNeese
Shellie Miller
Erin Milner
Casey Minor
Marie Murdaugh
Joy and Doug Page
Joyce Parks
Dana Patterson
Elizabeth Philpot
Lizz Pingry
Christina Prince
Julie Ramsay
Mary Duff Rayneri
Susan Reed
Janet Ross
Frances Roe
Jane Roy
Bettie Runnion
Amy St. John
Pee Wee Satterfield
Jill  Schneider
Sally Seaver
Minor Shaw
Susan Shelley
Nancy Shepard
 The Sherard and Steck Family
Katy Sides
Valerie Slade
Susan Small
Sarah Smith
Claire Stam
Afhton Stetzer
Caroline Stewert
Debbie Stone
Sara Stuart
Betty Teague
Martha Team
Viviane Till
Linda Tiller
Beth Traxler
Jo Ussery
Eryka Wallace
Patricia   Webb
Roxann Weldon
Cheryl West
Heather Wheless
Sallie Peterson White
Beck Williams
Kim Williams
Nina Williams
Jane Wilson
Paula Wynn