Holiday Bag Project

Each December, JLG Sustainers lead a special project to bring holiday cheer and encouragement to cancer patients in the Greenville Community. Sustainers gather at the beginning of December to assemble and deliver the bags to patients in the area. The bags contain fun holiday items like jingle bells, reindeer ears, scarves, candy-filled tumblers and word searches, along with personal care items. Thanks to the donations and time of Sustainers and other League members, JLG has raised over $135,000 and provides approximately 350 gift bags each year!



Thank you to our 2023 donors (as of 12/12/2023):

Name In honor of/in memory of
Sonya Ables in memory of Tom Jordan
in honor of Louise Ables
Elaine Apperson
in memory of George Apperson, Jr.
in honor of Marsha Moreland
Randy and Allen Armstrong in memory of W. L. Sandlin
Karen Arrington in honor of Courtney Thomas
Sandra Banks in honor of Sherry Hooper
in memory of Linda Dennis
in memory of Harriet Wylie
in memory of Beth Croft
Penny Beacham in honor of Susan McSween
in honor of Katie Bennett
in honor of Casey Durham
in memory of Beth Croft
Nancy Bennett in memory of Pedrick Lowrey
Kay Betsch
Lisette Bishop
Lenna Blaser
Becky Bouton in honor of Sandra Banks
in memory of my Mom, Blanche O. Carpenter
in honor of Sherry Hooper
in honor of Lee B. Counts
Dottie Britton in honor of Linda McIntosh
Meredith Burton
in memory of Dr. Marion B. Crooks
in honor of Rev. Christine Matthews
Miriam Butler in memory of Elizabeth Phillips
in honor of Cynthia Phillips
Cara Carne
Stephanie Deal
in memory of Alison Deal Brannon
in memory of Jack and Joyce Sorrells
Virginia DeFrancesch
Amber Dengler
Alecia Elrod in memory of Pamela Williams
Jennifer Farish
Lee Farrar in memory of Ann Jones
in memory of Frances Batten Farrar Tapscott
Rebecca Feldman in memory of Carter jackson
in honor of John and Rebecca Jackson
in honor of Amy Hunter
in honor of Sandy Brown
Kim Geddie in memory of Katie Hines Greer
Clay Gilbert in honor of Amy Lancaster
in honor of Katie Burns
in memory of Carolyn Jolly
in memory of Margaret Giddings
Perry Gilreath
in memory of Julia McPherson Miller
Susan and Raoul Glenn in honor of Jim Kaltenbach
in honor of Rise Wilson
in honor of Dr. Larry Gluck
in memory of Blance Carpenter
in memory of Fred Carpenter
in memory of Jim Glidwell
Terry Gordon
Marilyn Gower
in honor of my daughter, Meagan Gower Vanzant
Sue Grady in honor of Nancy Abrams
in honor of Becky Johnson
Laird Green in memory of Nancy Jennings
in memory of Sarah Whitmire
Mary Lynne Hardaway in memory of Jim Bladon
Sallie Harden
Shelley Hart
Kylie Heap
in memory of my Dad, H. Lee Heap
in honor of my Mom, Mary Jean Heap
Kristina Hildreth
Lynn Hopple in memory of Lacy Ellis
in memory of Mary McGee
in memory of Carol Cline Stilwell
Vicki Horomanski in honor of Kimberly Cooley
Amy Hunter in honor of Jamie Hunter
Mary Neil Jackson
Patricia Jervey in memory of Jinks Jervey Page
Kelly Johnson
Libby Kehl
in honor of Junior Leaguers living with Cancer
Joan Kellett
Anna King in honor of Carol Timanus
in honor of Valerie Price
Jane Krupica in honor of George Krupica
Carol Laffitte in memory of Sterling Laffitte
in memory of M/M Othniel Wienges
in memory of M/M R. Montague Laffitte, Sr.
in memory of Harriett Wylie
Theresa Lawson in honor of Mary Lou Anderson
in memory of Ann Campbell
in honor of JoAnn Lindsey Myers
in honor of Cheryl Ellison
Janie Little
Susan McKibbon in memory of Frances Brigham
in memory of Louise McKibbon
in memory of Lynn M. Gray
Marie Murdaugh
Stacey Olive Erwin
in memory of my parents, Barbara & Carter
Christine Owens
Joy and Doug Page in memory of Jeff Potter
Christine Parsons in honor of Susan Wilkins
Liz Philpot in honor of Paula Philpot
in memory of Martha Smith
in memory of Alice Smith
Barbara Purica
Mary Duff Rayneri in memory of David Latimore
in memory of Fiora Walldorf
Susan Reed
Virginia Rickets
Frances Roe
in memory of my Mom, Frances McComb Hill
Sally Russell in honor of Sherry Hooper
Jill Schneider
Sally Seaver
in memory of my Mom, Stella Owens
Minor Shaw in honor of Lee Counts
Nancy Shepard in honor of Joyce Shepard
Sherard and Steckk family in memory of Ann Sherard
Laura “Lee” Smith
Claire Stam in memory of Frank Elmore
in memory of Richard Wolcott
in memory of Drew Rhodes
Nancy Stephenson
Caroline Stewart in honor of Salley Batson
in honor of Edith Parks
in honor of Dena Benedict
in honor of Debbie Stone
Debbie Stone
Sara Stuart in memory of Lynn Stuart
Dawn Sweeney
Jane Sykes in honor of Sandra Banks
Heather Tapp in honor of Alisa K. Hylton
Sherry Tate
Sydney Taylor
in memory of Hessie Morrah Graham
in memory of Liz Mahon
Martha Team
Viviane Till in memory of Annemarie Varin
in memory of Mary A. Goldsmith
Rebecca Turcotte-Kish
Jo Ussery
Kea Wade in memory of Mason Mileham
Laura Whitney
Popie Whitted in honor of Carlette Holmes
in memory of Edmund Holmes
in honor of Nancy Tucker
Beck Williams in honor of Dianne Smith McKay
Kim Williams
Nina Williams in memory of Sally M. Williams
in memory of John R. Sullivan
in memory of John P. Ehrensperger
Cathy Wilson in memory of Sid Wilson
Jane Wilson
Sydney Wood
Paula Wynn in memory of Pam Wagner
Denise Yates in memory of Rae Nae Still Nay
in memory of Ronald Palm