1929 Club

Established in 2006, the 1929 Club was established to honor the year in which a group of Greenville women met and formed the Junior Charities of Greenville. This initial meeting in September of 1929 led to what we now know as the Junior League of Greenville, Inc.

The 1929 Club signifies a group of donors who are dedicated to securing the future of the Junior League of Greenville through a one-time gift of $1,929 or more. League members, friends, relatives and supporters of the JLG are welcome to join.

1929 Club members are recognized on the website, in the directory and during miscellaneous events throughout the year. They also are permanently documented on a plaque hanging at JLG Headquarters. By making a generous donation and joining the 1929 Club, donors feel a tremendous sense of satisfaction knowing they are making an impact on the community and future generations of League members.

The JLG greatly appreciates the 1929 Club members and the important part they have played in ensuring the financial security of the Junior League of Greenville, Inc.

Thank you to our 1929 Club donors:

Sonya Ables
*Johanna Aiken
Karen Arrington
Lynn Armstrong
Kristen Armaly
Courtney Atkinson
Judith Aughtry
Kristin Bailey
Katie Batson
Salley Batson
Harriet Bauknight
Heath Beard
Mary Belvin
Diane Bohlander
Anna Kate Brown
Patricia Brown
Meg Brown
Sandy Brown
*Mamie Bruce
Michele Bryant
Leah Buttry
Jennifer Burns
Kathryn Cheves
Leslie Clayton Rodwell
Malinda Coleman
Charlene Comer
Kimberly Cooley
Stephanie Craine
Minor Shaw – Daniel-Mickel Foundation**
Emily Dean
*Louise Earle
Angi Einstein
Liz Einstein
Frances Barnes Elliott
Frances and Dave Ellison
Lee Farrar
Bryan and Rebecca Feldman
Leslie Fleming
Wendy and Ed Foulke
Kathryn Freedman
Lea Fulk and Brock Bauknight
*Mary Simms Furman
Julie and Berry Garrett
Perry Gilreath
Michelle Glenn
Harriet Goldsmith
Krista Good
Peggy Good
Terry Gordon
Linda Grandy
Fred and Janet Grant
Laird Green
Katina “Tina” Hampton
Sherrerd Hartness
Kim Hassold
Jim and Elizabeth Hendrix
Mary Kay Heffernan
Heather Hilliard
Anna Kate and Hayne Hipp
Jane F. Hipp
Lisa Hohmann
Janice Holliday
Heather Hooks
Katherine Hoover
Sarah Lynne Howie
Susan Humphreys
Leanne Jaskwhich
Nancy and Larkin Jennings
Patricia Jervey
Lesa Kastler
Beth Lee
Mr. and Mrs. Charles Little
Betsy Littlejohn
*Frances MacIlwinen
Beth Mahon
Suzanne Malo
Crystal & George Maynard III
Jeanne McCoy
Laurin McDonald
*Nancy Morgan
Mary Jane Webster Myers
Louise and *Dewey Oxner
Amie Fender and *Cam Owens
Tammy Phillips
Elizabeth Philpot
Elizabeth Kelly “EK” Pope
Jane Pressly
Susan Reed
Lib Reynolds
Noel Rogers
Pam Rozelsky
Sally Russell
Amy Ryberg Doyle
Gina Rose Salamin
Charlotte Sarvis-Hoffman
Pee Wee Satterfield
Heather Scalzo
Jill Schneider
Carrie Scott
Afhton StetzerNancy Smith
Ann Sparkman
Stella and Edward Stall
Claire Stam
Mary Sterling
Caroline Stewart
Angie Streyer
Carol and George Tate
Hope Taylor
Meg Terry
Courtney Thomas
Sydney Taylor
Angela Villiger
Kristy Way
Langhorne “Lanny” Webster
Rebecca Wentzell
Sallie Peterson White
Laura Whitney
Popie and Tom Whitted
Kimberly Witherspoon
Harriet Wyche*
Kim Yelton

In Memory of Elizabeth Park Parker and Noel Parker McKissick Miles, given by Smythe McKissick       
In Memory of Shirley Halter, given by the Employees of the Caine Company

*Denotes deceased donors

**Denotes 1929 donors to both the Capital Campaign and the Annual Fund Campaign